We are an organization that offers inspection, training, verification, tests and certification. Founded on Bogotá -Colombia we are established since 2010, in different types of industries and we have representatives in Asia, Europe and America. We are partner Lloyds Certification (LL-C) and ALLCOT for delivery emviromental services.
Our activities: Certification: through the audit process we confirm conformity of products, processes or management systems or services against national and international standards or other standards. Training: we offer training services in different knowledge areas, tied up to verification of conformity to management systems, and also to the improvement of competence and demands from markets to professionals currently, we also develop alliances with different educational institutions with the purpose of offering different solutions to our clients. Verification: With our representatives in Argentina, Chile, China, USA, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, or Dominican Republic, we take care of verification of products and services for compliance with global standards and local regulations, verifying the supply chain from raw materials up to the final consumer. Inspection: Through personal verification we review the condition and weight of goods and merchandises being market internationally, help in control of quality and quantity and verification of legal compliance Environment: Sustainability Solutions, Carbon Portfolio Management and Trading, Project Consulting and Development , Carbon. We have the experience of staff with more than 15 years in industry, which allow us to offer services that are tailored to the reality of the market offering solutions that improve quality, safety, productivity and sustainability with the proper risk assessments.  Carbon Footprint: The core of a sustainable business strategy requires a measurement of the enviromental impacts of the business. Your footprintsis calculated and the resulting emissions can be neutralised by carefully selected carbon offsets and strategic plan can be developed to reduce future emissions. Competitive Advantage - Reduce emisions=reduce energy=Reduce cost. - Enhance existing products and services - cost -effectively. - Be a leader in your market


Our mission is facilitating commerce both nationally and internationally offering independent, trustworthy and with excellent quality in the areas of Inspection, Test, Certification and Training with our contribution in order to satisfy customer needs and helping organizational development.
Being a leader and Being recognized as an international Enterprise on the services of: *Inspection *Test *Certification *Training Adding quality values to every activity we carry on .